Expert Author Susan Leigh
Often in life things do not work out as we intended. Our path may start in one clear direction, but along the way we may meet setbacks, unexpected hurdles or opportunities and we end up in another direction altogether. When things do not work out as planned the key to success is in treating these challenges as a gift, a chance to learn new skills, to practice what we know in a different way, to link in with others and share knowledge and talents. Starting again provides another bite of the cherry.
- Work. We may lose our job or business. We may be bored or struggle to master the skills required of us. Often work includes certain aspects that require us to muster all our reserves and motivation. Recognising that we have many skills that are often transferable is important. Many people fail to recognise that being a good communicator and mediator with family matters or being a good organiser with friends can be invaluable skills to bring to the workplace. Starting out again by identifying your own key skills and finding ways to utilise them can bring a better chance of success into your professional life.
- Sometimes by changing our duties either by requesting a job share, a secondment elsewhere, a sideways move can freshen our approach and inject more enthusiasm into our work. Interest is an important part of motivation and in a work environment we are being paid to maintain that interest and enthusiasm. Some aspects of work are boring, routine and uninspirational but they no doubt serve a purpose. Letting them slide or remain undone is often a recipe for disaster.
- Learning more about the organisation, the way that different jobs fit together, understanding why things need to be done can help to appreciate the relevance of certain jobs and roles. Starting out again can mean introducing a new approach. Some jobs may become unpopular because they are not fully understood or valued. Taking time to learn and understand the significance of particular jobs can bring a better attitude into the role.
- Relationships can be taken for granted and over time slide into certain patterns and routines. Starting out again is an opportunity to freshen up our attitude to ourselves and how we feel about our relationships, are they what we want or are we settling for second best for a variety of reasons. It is also an opportunity to freshen up our attitude to the people in our lives, learn to communicate better, be more assertive, ask for what we want, say how we feel. Starting again is a time for making more of an effort. Being more honest with ourselves and with others brings with it a better quality of life.
- At times we may need to appreciate that some relationships have come to an end. We may have outgrown our friends, moved on in different ways and share little in common anymore. We may have moved away from our partner and need to value ourselves and each other enough to separate with respect for what we once had. Starting again can sometimes mean recognising that the time has come to make tough choices.
- Ourselves. We can drift along, being okay enough with different aspects of ourselves and our lives. Starting out again gives us the opportunity to plan and decide to be more proactive, about diet, exercise, friends, quality of life and the motivation to change what we do not like and enhance what we do like. Setting measurable goals, ensuring that there are plans in place, dates in the diary that motivate and keep us on track. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Make each day count, so be interested and positive about making each day the best it can be for you.